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Galatians 5:16-23 teaches that at any moment we are either walking by the Holy Spirit or according to the sin nature. Walking by the Spirit, enjoying fellowship with God, walking in the light are virtually synonymous. During these times, the Holy Spirit is working in us to illuminate our minds to the truth of Scripture and to challenge us to apply what we learn. But when we sin, we begin to live based on the sin nature. Our works do not count for eternity. The only way to recover is to confess (admit, acknowledge) our sin to God the Father and we are instantly forgiven, cleansed, and recover our spiritual walk (1 John 1:9). Please make sure you are walking by the Spirit before you begin your Bible study, so it will be spiritually profitable.

Robert Dean

Robert Dean

Role: Pastor

Dr. Robert L. Dean, Jr. is pastor of West Houston Bible Church in Houston, Texas.

Before coming to West Houston Bible Church, Dr. Dean was the Pastor of Preston City Bible Church in Preston, Connecticut. Prior to that he had served churches in both the Dallas and Houston, Texas areas and has over 35 years of pastoral experience.

Dr. Dean is a much sought after Bible teacher both in the United States and overseas. He serves on the adjunct faculty of Faith Evangelical Seminary and is the Chairman of the Governing Board for Chafer Theological Seminary.

Dr. Dean trained for the ministry at Dallas Theological Seminary where he earned a Th.M. in Hebrew and Old Testament Studies and later returned to pursue a Ph.D. in theological studies with an emphasis in Historical Theology. He also earned an M.A. in Philosophy from the University of St. Thomas (1987) and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Faith Evangelical Seminary (2002). In 1988 he was recognized as an Outstanding Young Man of America, and in 1989 was listed in the Who's Who in American Christian Leadership.

His academic training in Greek, Hebrew, theology, philosophy, and history enables him to study the Bible in the original languages and show how these eternal truths are as vital today as always.

Latest sermons by
Sun, Feb 25, 2024
Passage: Ephesians 5:15-18
Series: Ephesians (2018)
Duration: 1 hr 3 mins 26 secs
Why is there so much confusion concerning the biblical command to be filled with the Holy Spirit and living the spiritual life after we are saved? Listen to this message to understand the difference between literal and allegorical interpretation of Scripture and the history of how these developed. See how the rise of allegorical interpretation led to many heresies including Replacement Theology.
Sun, Feb 25, 2024
Passage: Deuteronomy 32:4
Series: Light from the Light Channel
Duration: 15 mins 12 secs
Are you looking for something or someone you can depend on? Look no further. Our memory verse today tells us that God is our Rock and cannot be moved. He is perfect and will always be there for us.
Thu, Feb 22, 2024
Passage: Philippians 3:4-6
Series: Philippians (2022)
Duration: 1 hr 3 mins 16 secs
What does the Bible reveal about the Apostle Paul’s background? Listen to this message to learn that he came from a religious Jewish family and carried on in this vein, persecuting believers in Christ, until He was saved on the road to Damascus. Learn what the “tradition of the fathers” means. Hear his own evaluation of what he thought all his good works were worth in God’s sight.
Tue, Feb 20, 2024
Series: Supporting Israel and the Jewish Community in the Time of War (2024)
Duration: 1 hr 5 mins 29 secs
How can we become prepared to talk to unbelievers about Jesus’ sacrifice for sin? Listen to this message to hear many ways to approach this subject with a special emphasis on Jewish unbelievers. Find out if it is enough to witness by the lives we live or if we need to speak about what we believe also. Hear some of the preconceived ideas that you need to be aware of that Jewish people may have about Christianity.
Sun, Feb 18, 2024
Passage: Ephesians 5:15-16
Series: Ephesians (2018)
Duration: 55 mins 57 secs
Have you ever thought how to walk in wisdom? Do you use your time wisely or do you just react to what’s happening around you? Listen to this message to learn the importance of time management in your spiritual life. Find out what it means to redeem the time and hear a number of biblical priorities concerning the use of time.
Sat, Feb 17, 2024
Passage: Romans 8:31
Series: Light from the Light Channel
Duration: 17 mins 42 secs
Do you thik about how great God is when facing some difficulty? Instead of focusing on your problems, consider God’s omniscience and omnipotence and realize that since God is for us we have nothing to fear.
Tue, Feb 13, 2024
Passage: Romans 1:16
Series: Supporting Israel and the Jewish Community in the Time of War (2024)
Duration: 1 hr 13 mins 28 secs

Why is it a priority for Christians to reach out to Jewish people to help them understand that Christ is the Messiah? Listen to this message to hear five reasons for this, including that Jews are saved by believing the gospel and not through their Jewish heritage. Hear a number of ways to present the gospel to Jewish people.

During the message Dr. Dean referred to a couple of books: To the Jew First: The Case for Jewish Evangelism in Scripture and History and How to Introduce Your Jewish Friends to the Messiah.

Sun, Feb 11, 2024
Passage: Ephesians 5:11-14
Series: Ephesians (2018)
Duration: 36 mins 30 secs
Are you a spiritually lazy believer, just dozing your way through life? Listen to this message to learn that after you have trusted Christ as your Savior you are to begin to walk in the light of God’s Word and awaken to a different kind of thinking than that of the pagan thoughts you had as an unbeliever. Find out there are things of darkness we are not to even talk or think about.
Sun, Feb 11, 2024
Passage: 2 Corinthians 4:8-9
Series: Light from the Light Channel
Duration: 26 mins 58 secs
How can we face our problems and difficulties in this fallen world? Our memory verses today remind us that when we’re backed into a corner from overwhelming adversities God has the solution in His Word. We need not become discouraged or lose heart.
Thu, Feb 08, 2024
Passage: Philippians 3:4-6
Series: Philippians (2022)
Duration: 1 hr 16 mins 42 secs
What is your testimony? What can you tell others about your own spiritual journey that led you to faith in Christ? Listen to this message about Paul’s stellar background of how he was blameless as far as the Law was concerned. Hear a summary of the many divisions of Judaism during this period and what groups predominated in Paul’s day. Understand that even though Paul had much to brag about, he knew that all of it was worthless as far as God was concerned. Only faith in Christ is what saved him.