From Down Under

Dear brother Robert.

It may be a small thing, but thank you for teaching the Bible so faithfully to the Word. Brothers Andy Woods and Tommy Ice also.

Thank you for putting it on the web where your ministry can be stopped, rewound, relistened, and notes made without missing anything. I appreciate it very much. Some of what I’ve learned from you all has been taught to my 8-year-old granddaughter. Her eyes light up and she smiles when she understands.

The Lord is good and hasn’t left us orphaned in a dry land. Glory be to Him.

Warm brotherly regards from Australia.

N. S.

New Orleans, LA


I am in the transportation industry. I‘m always on the go and no matter where I am located, I can access Dean Bible Ministers website. It provides me with a clear biblical understanding that I can apply to every aspect of my life and not just someone elses perspective.
Dean Bible Ministeries helps me to stay committed to studying God's Word and has encouraged my son to believe in our Lord Jesus Christ and seek God for himself. The lessons are understandable and make me wanting to learn more about life as a believer.



Sousas, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil


The Bible studies have contributed much for my spiritual growth and my walk with the Lord. They have also helped me with the volunteer "Valores" classes I teach in the public schools as I pass on what I have learned. Thank you!



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