Junction City, OR


The Dean Bible Ministries website has been the primary vehicle for Sunday morning church service. I, along with a couple of friends, join West Houston Bible Church during the live stream. I have appreciated the order of service, choice of hymns, and the sermon. There are no churches in the area that has teaching like Dr. Dean’s.

This season of learning and studying the Word has been amazing! It has affirmed and solidified what I believe about God and what the Bible has revealed about Him. I didn’t have to “relearn” much. Using the website to study other books like Romans and Revelation has also changed my mind on things that I thought to be true (e.g. gift of tongues or prayer language; modern apostles or prophets or God revealing ‘new things’; tithing; election; predestination...). Having access to the Chafer Conference and its archives has been wonderful! Also, having the power point slides is nice so that I can go back and look at what I missed in my note taking! I have also appreciated the transcripts of the messages. The amount of the rich study made available to myself and anyone wanting it is incredible! It has been (and I believe will continue to be... as long as I choose to walk in the Spirit...) transforming to my spiritual life! I am grateful and thankful for DBM!



The Gambia, West Africa


I am a preacher and I greatly benefit from Pastor Dean’s doctrinal teachings.



From Down Under

Dear brother Robert.

It may be a small thing, but thank you for teaching the Bible so faithfully to the Word. Brothers Andy Woods and Tommy Ice also.

Thank you for putting it on the web where your ministry can be stopped, rewound, relistened, and notes made without missing anything. I appreciate it very much. Some of what I’ve learned from you all has been taught to my 8-year-old granddaughter. Her eyes light up and she smiles when she understands.

The Lord is good and hasn’t left us orphaned in a dry land. Glory be to Him.

Warm brotherly regards from Australia.

N. S.

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