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Dean Bible Ministries has published the following books. You can order them by clicking on PLACE ORDER below.


What the Bible Teaches About Spiritual Warfare by Dr. Robert L. Dean Jr. and Dr. Thomas Ice

What the Bible Teaches About Spiritual Warfare is now available to download in PDF format by clicking here.



God's Powerful Promises by Dr. Robert L. Dean

God’s Powerful Promises has now been published in 12 different languages. You can immediately download PDF files of the booklet in Afrikaans, Armenian, Bembo, English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, and Ukrainian here.

(Links below are to PDF files in a printable format in English, Spanish, and Ukrainian)


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God's Powerful Promises is now available for free download. Select the English format you'd prefer:

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The Spanish translation of God's Powerful Promises is available here:

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God's Powerful Promises has been translated into Ukrainian and is now available for download.

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There is no price for these publications. The publishing of all printed material offered by Dean Bible Ministries is supported by grace donations.  

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Podcasts of all the Bible class series are now available. Just find the series you want to podcast and look for the podcast URL in the description of the series. Look for the podcast icon.


Transcripts Collection


UPDATED 5-9-20

Available for download is a file that will enable you to put over 2,500 transcripts and slides from Dr. Dean’s Bible studies on your computer for quick access plus the ability to search for key words, doctrines, verses, topics, etc.


This updated file includes the addition of new transcripts since 7/1/14.

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Friday, 12 April 2024 20:30

Thursday Bible Class - April 11 - Philippians

Redemption and Propitiation in Romans

Redemption. Propitiation. Why do we need to learn about these subjects? Listen to this message to hear these are fundamental truths that help us to understand and appreciate our salvation. Hear the meaning of the key words for each of these terms. Remember that redemption always refers to a price being paid to redeem or purchase something and propitiation expresses God’s satisfaction for Christ’s work on the Cross.

Click here to listen to or view this Bible class.

Thursday, 11 April 2024 21:31

Tuesday Bible Class - April 9 - Interlocked

Lesson 15, Part 1: Revelation and Rebellion at Sinai: The Writing of the Law

Judges 150x150How did God communicate what the human race needed to know to live and serve Him? Listen to this message to learn that from Genesis we learn that He spoke, using language that we could understand. Find out that He established memorial days and feasts for the people to observe. See that the creation itself is a form of non-verbal communication of God’s existence. Understand the role the prophets played and see how Israel was to be the custodian of Scripture and spread God’s Word to others.

Click here to listen to or view this Bible class.

Monday, 08 April 2024 20:37

Sunday Bible Class - April 7 - WHBC 20th Anniversary Special

West Houston Bible Church 20th Anniversary Special

Do you ever take time to look back and marvel how God has provided for you? Listen to this message on the 20th anniversary of West Houston Bible Church and hear about God’s constant provision. Find out three values or guiding principles that have steered this church, all showing God’s care for His people. See the sufficiency of God’s revealed Word, His provision for our salvation, and the promises for our grace growth to spiritual maturity. Realize that God has a mission for each believer and assures that you have what you need to fulfill that mission.

Click here to listen to or view this Bible class.

Saturday, 06 April 2024 06:25

Thursday Bible Class - April 4 - Philippians

Righteousness and Justification in Romans

Get prepared for an in-depth study of justification. Listen to this message to learn that justification basically means being declared righteous by God even though we were born sinners and still sin after believing in Christ as our Savior. Learn about the three types of biblical righteousness. Gain a clearer understanding of Romans 3:23–24. Rejoice and be grateful for such a great salvation.

Click here to listen to or view this Bible class.

Wednesday, 03 April 2024 21:41

Tuesday Bible Class - April 2 - Interlocked

Lesson 14, Part 2: God’s Perfect Law: The Law

Judges 150x150Is mankind capable of making good laws? Listen to this message to learn that man has a sin nature and cannot make good laws unless he is informed by principles in God’s Word. See that there must be absolute standards of right and wrong in order to make fair and just laws. Find out if believers today should obey the Mosaic Law and what the Law of Christ is.

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Tuesday, 02 April 2024 06:48

Sunday Bible Class - March 31 - Resurrection Day Special

Victory Over Death

Christ arose! What does that guarantee to us? Listen to this message to learn that Christ’s resurrection is our guarantee that the grave is not the end of life. Hear prophecies concerning the resurrection of Christ in the Scriptures and how Jesus predicted He would be crucified and raised from the dead. Learn a number of results of Christ’s resurrection, including the validation of the accuracy of Scripture.

Click here to listen to or view this Bible class.

Friday, 29 March 2024 21:46

Thursday Bible Class - March 28 - Philippians

How Can We be Righteous Before God?

Is there anything we can do to be righteous before God? Listen to this lesson to learn that we are inherently sinful and all our good deeds and moral acts are worthless. Find out that the answer is that we can only become righteous before God by trusting in Christ as our Savior. At that instant God does not make us better or more righteous but He declares us righteous.

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Wednesday, 27 March 2024 18:15

Tuesday Bible Class - March 26 - Interlocked

Lesson 14, Part 1: God’s Perfect Law

Judges 150x150What was unique about the Mosaic Law compared to other law codes of the ancient world? Listen to this message to learn that God's Law code was structured to teach His chosen people  to treat everyone equally with generosity, to treat the animals well, and care for the environment. In turn, God desired that everyone trust Him to provide for their needs. Find out that although the Law was given to the Israelites there are applications for us today.

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