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Messages with tag - Weeping and gnashing of teeth

Matthew (2013)
Sun, Apr 30, 2017
by Robert Dean
Passage: Matthew 25:14-30
Series: Matthew (2013)
Duration: 1 hr 0 mins 1 sec
Who is Jesus talking about that will “weep and gnash their teeth”? Listen to this lesson to learn that this parable of the talents is directed to Jewish people in the Tribulation. See how this parable is connected to the last two parables during the Olivet Discourse and how they differ from one another. Find out who the servants are and whether or not all three of the men entrusted with talents are believers. Learn how much a talent was worth in Jesus’ day. One implication of this parable for Church Age believers is that we have been given incredible blessings and resources and will be held accountable for how we utilize them.