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Galatians 5:16-23 teaches that at any moment we are either walking by the Holy Spirit or according to the sin nature. Walking by the Spirit, enjoying fellowship with God, walking in the light are virtually synonymous. During these times, the Holy Spirit is working in us to illuminate our minds to the truth of Scripture and to challenge us to apply what we learn. But when we sin, we begin to live based on the sin nature. Our works do not count for eternity. The only way to recover is to confess (admit, acknowledge) our sin to God the Father and we are instantly forgiven, cleansed, and recover our spiritual walk (1 John 1:9). Please make sure you are walking by the Spirit before you begin your Bible study, so it will be spiritually profitable.

Light from the Light Channel

Light from the Light Channel

January 2023 - July 2024

This series is from our YouTube channel "Light from the Light". 

We based the channel on Psalm 36:9, “For with You is the fountain of life; In Your light we see light.”

From this verse, we learn that our knowledge and understanding must be illuminated by the light of God’s revelation. Frequently we see Scripture refer to God’s revelation, the Bible, as Light. Scriptural revelation may not tell us everything we want to know, but it tells us key things we need to know. Frequently, we must study, investigate, research, and dig into archaeological, linguistic, and historical studies to make certain that we understand God’s Word correctly. A wrong understanding of God’s Word will not be enlightening. Thus, in this ministry, the task is to utilize all of these areas of research to gain an accurate understanding of God’s Word, so that in that light we can gain illumination for the problems, challenges, and applications we need in our own life. Thus we will at times bring in experts in different fields, at other times bring in historical, linguistic, and theological material to expose the meaning of God’s Word the Bible. In His LIGHT, we will see light!

Sunday, July 16, 2023
Passage: 1 Peter 1:4-5
Series: Light from the Light Channel
Duration: 16 mins 22 secs
Are you assured of your salvation? Our memory verse tells us we are kept by the power of God. Find out we have a place in heaven reserved for us who are kept by His all encompassing power.
Saturday, July 08, 2023
Passage: Hebrews 7:25
Series: Light from the Light Channel
Duration: 17 mins 23 secs
Can the sins we commit cause us to lose our salvation? Listen to our memory verse today to learn that God has done everything needed to secure our salvation and He is all sufficient so we can rest in Him.
Saturday, July 01, 2023
Passage: John 10:28-29
Series: Light from the Light Channel
Duration: 14 mins 25 secs
How sure are you that you are saved? Listen to these memory verses to see that when we believe in Jesus we are held in both Jesus’ hand and the Father’s hand and nothing can snatch us out.
Sunday, June 25, 2023
Passage: Jude
Series: Light from the Light Channel
Duration: 22 mins 59 secs
Have you ever worried that you have committed some terrible sin that made you lose your salvation? Memorize this verse and be comforted that the Eternal God saved you when you believed in His Son and there is nothing you can do to lose that salvation.
Monday, June 19, 2023
Passage: Romans 3:24-25
Series: Light from the Light Channel
Duration: 21 mins 16 secs
Would you like to be given God’s righteousness? Listen to our memory verses today to learn that even though we are born sinners and we sin personally we can trust in Jesus Christ as our Savior and be given the righteousness of God.
Saturday, June 10, 2023
Passage: 1 John 5:11-12
Series: Light from the Light Channel
Duration: 20 mins 1 sec
How confident are you that when you believe in Christ you have been eternally saved and cannot lose your salvation? Our memory verses today tell us that it is God, Himself, who has testified to this so we can know it is the truth.
Sunday, June 04, 2023
Passage: Romans 5:1
Series: Light from the Light Channel
Duration: 13 mins 4 secs
Do you long for peace in your life? Listen to our memory verse today, Romans 5:1, to learn that when we trust in Christ we are justified and have the only peace that really counts, peace with God.
Saturday, May 27, 2023
Passage: Ephesians 2:8-9
Series: Light from the Light Channel
Duration: 14 mins 27 secs
What does God expect of us? Is it possible to please Him by doing good works? Listen to two verses today that emphasize that works are not necessary for salvation. In fact, they are excluded.
Saturday, May 20, 2023
Passage: Acts 4:12
Series: Light from the Light Channel
Duration: 13 mins 55 secs
Do you know why our next memory verse, Acts 4:12, irritates so many people? Learn that is is because they want to think there are many ways to spiritual truth and salvation. The Bible makes it plain there is only one way and that is by believing in Jesus Christ.
Saturday, May 13, 2023
Passage: John 20:31
Series: Light from the Light Channel
Duration: 16 mins 12 secs
Why was Scripture written? Our memory verse today, John 20:31, explains the purpose for the book of John. Listen to find out this reason and how it applies to your own life.