Bible Memory Challenge

With the events that have occured during 2020, there is little doubt Christians are in for some very difficult times. Our prayer is that God will restrain the evil that has gripped America, but whether He does or not, we must have our souls strengthened. We all need to take an inventory. Are we truly prepared spiritually? What if we found ourselves in some sort of internment center? It has certainly happened to Christians in the past. What if we had no access to our Bibles or to hymnals? These are reasons why we should all be "hiding God's Word in our hearts." Each week, Pastor Dean will challenge us with two verses to memorize.

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Doctrine of Marriage

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Doctrine of Israel's Feasts

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Doctrine of Imputation and Justification

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Doctrine of Healing

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Doctrine of Faith

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Doctrine of Eternal Security

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Dispensationalism Reading List

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Dispensational Theology Essentials

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Demon Possession and the Christian

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Crisis in Pastoral Leadership

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  • From Down Under

    Dear brother Robert.

    It may be a small thing, but thank you for teaching the Bible so faithfully to the Word. Brothers Andy Woods and Tommy Ice also.

    Thank you for putting it on the web where your ministry can be stopped, rewound, relistened, and notes made without missing anything. I appreciate it very much. Some of what I’ve learned from you all has been taught to my 8-year-old granddaughter. Her eyes light up and she smiles when she understands.

    The Lord is good and hasn’t left us orphaned in a dry land. Glory be to Him.

    Warm brotherly regards from Australia.

    N. S.

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