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With the events that have occured during 2020, there is little doubt Christians are in for some very difficult times. Our prayer is that God will restrain the evil that has gripped America, but whether He does or not, we must have our souls strengthened. We all need to take an inventory. Are we truly prepared spiritually? What if we found ourselves in some sort of internment center? It has certainly happened to Christians in the past. What if we had no access to our Bibles or to hymnals? These are reasons why we should all be "hiding God's Word in our hearts." Each week, Pastor Dean will challenge us with two verses to memorize.

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God's Plan for the Ages

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God and Man in Genesis

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Dr. Dean's Annotated Reading List on Music

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Doctrine of Walking (The Spiritual Life)

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Doctrine of the Substitutionary Atonement

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Doctrine of the Latter Days

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Doctrine of the Holy Spirit: Introduction to Pneumatology

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Doctrine of Self-Defense

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Doctrine of Propitiation

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Doctrine of Positional Truth

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    I was raised in a religious home, but did not personally become a believer until my freshman year of high school reading the Left Behind series. I went to a contemporary church dominated by church growth philosophies and so I never received much teaching or bible study. In college I began looking at bible studies online as a way to stay involved as I knew the campus was very hostile to religious beliefs of any kind. The Lord had me find the study of Ruth by Dr. Dean, which was my first real exposure to solid biblical teaching. I had never seen anything like that before, so I ended up spending over a year going through multiple videos every day. That was about 7 years ago now, and I still watch a video a day (I've finally caught up to the 1/2 Samuel series). I have found a bible church that teaches the word faithfully (thanks to the Lord's leading) in an area where that is almost non-existent and have been going for several years now. I am thankful to the Lord for raising up pastors such as Dr. Dean who are able to faithfully proclaim the word, and Dean Bible Ministries is the source of much of my formative doctrine and inspired my own bible studies. Thank you for all that you do to get the word out to a dying world that lacks it.



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