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With the events that have occured during 2020, there is little doubt Christians are in for some very difficult times. Our prayer is that God will restrain the evil that has gripped America, but whether He does or not, we must have our souls strengthened. We all need to take an inventory. Are we truly prepared spiritually? What if we found ourselves in some sort of internment center? It has certainly happened to Christians in the past. What if we had no access to our Bibles or to hymnals? These are reasons why we should all be "hiding God's Word in our hearts." Each week, Pastor Dean will challenge us with two verses to memorize.

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Watch the following video by Dr. Robert L. Dean Jr., pastor of West Houston Bible Church in Houston Texas as he explains how Dean Bible Ministries can benefit you in your study of the Bible.

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Did you know that Dean Bible Ministries has thousands of individual believers as well as numerous small groups and churches from numerous countries throughout the world, regularly live streaming, viewing, listening and downloading our Bible study material?

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Revelation is the climax of God's plan for history. Everything that begins in Genesis finds resolution in Revelation. In this final book of the New Testament we orient to God's plan for the future and fine tune the priority of living today in light of eternity. Revelation is unique in that it contains a promise of special blessing for those who teach it and for those who study it and apply the lessons learned. It's not just about the future, but contains vital teachings about our destiny that vitalize our thinking about today.

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2021 Bible Reading Challenge

biblereadingWhy don’t you make it a personal goal during 2021 to read the Bible through from Genesis to Revelation?

The benefits are tremendous. First, you will begin to understand the historical flow of God’s revelation to you. Second, you will clarify the relationships of different people and events. Third, you will begin to discover many of God’s promises that relate to challenges you are facing. Fourth, it will enhance your understanding of references and allusions made during Bible class. And fifth, it will provide you with a more focused understanding of God’s character.

To accomplish this I recommend picking a specific time of day and always sticking to that time. This might be early in the morning, during your lunch break, on your commute to or from work (or both). You can read or you can listen. Many Bible reading apps are available online for your ...

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    Thank you for allowing those of us far from a Bible-teaching church to participate with you in being admonished, nurtured, and strengthened through the clear teaching of Dr. Dean.


    With Gratefulness,

    R. T.

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