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November 4–5, 2016

Eschatology Seminar

Eschatology Seminar Graphic

Are we in the end times? So many today are asking this question along with many other similar questions: What does the Bible teach about the Rapture of the Church; Daniel’s 70th week; the Tribulation; the Great Tribulation; the Millennium, and more? These topics, along with others, were the subject matter of the Eschatology / End Times Seminar at Hoffmantown Church, Albuquerque.

The event took place November 4 & 5 in the Hoffmantown Worship Center and featured key note speakers from Chafer Theological Seminary. Dr. Andy Woods, Dr. Robert Dean, and Charles Clough. They examined what the Word of God teaches on this important topic.

The audio and video files from the seminar are accessible on the Dean BIble MInistries website..

Seminar Schedule

Friday, November 4 – 7:00pm-9:00pm (MDT)
6:30-7:00pm – Doors Open
7:00-7:15pm – Welcome
7:15-8:15pm – Dr. Andy Woods – The Rapture
8:15-8:25pm – Break
8:30-9:00pm – Q & A with Charles Clough, Dr. Robert Dean and Dr. Andy Woods

Saturday, November 5 – 9:00am-12:15pm (MDT)
8:30-9:00am – Doors Open
9:00-9:15am – Welcome
9:15-10:15am – Dr. Robert Dean – The Tribulation
10:15-10:25am – Break
10:30-11:30am – Charles Clough – The Millennium
11:35-12:15pm – Q & A with Charles Clough, Dr. Robert Dean and Dr. Andy Woods

Sunday, November 6
Dr. Andy Woods – Performance Evaluation/Appraisal

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